Monday, July 2, 2012

"Houston... the Eagle has landed!"
~ Neil Armstrong, Astronaut

It's official - the book is complete and has been sent to the printers. It should take approximately a month to print and distribute, which means that it *should* be available in time for this year's Siggraph.
Here is the cover (front, back, and spine):

I am currently putting together a companion website:
My plan for this website is to have it continuously evolve. To start with it will have sample scene files, a forum, links to other interesting and related sites as well as links to contributor websites, and a link to this blog. I am not a tweeter so don't expect one of those, ever. ;-)
I hope people feel free to contribute thoughts/suggestions about the book as well as add their own digital lighting tips and tricks, and examples of their work.

At the present time I am also planning a book launch / book signing. I'd like something fun and celebratory rather than too self congratulatory. This particular project has been a long time coming and its "birth" deserves a party!
~ Virginia


  1. Your book seems to be very useful, I got an e-book from Itunes, But I think that has many errors, Some pages can´t show properly. Even your photo. Now I don´t know how to get my money back to get a hard, old, good paperback copy of it.
    Please ask some one to review it.

  2. Camilo, I'm glad you are finding the book useful, but I'm sorry your iTunes book is giving you trouble. I see on their website that another customer also says that many figures don't display on the Iphone. Is this how you are displaying it?
    The Itunes website has this message: "This book requires iBooks 1.3.1 or later and iOS 4.3.3 or later. Books can only be viewed using iBooks on an iPad, iPhone (3G or later), or iPod touch (2nd generation or later)." I'd recommend checking to see that you are using a late enough version of everything.
    As for getting a refund, that would be through the iTunes store with your specific complaints. I'd also contact Apple support.
    A regular ebook version can be found here:
    and the soft-bound book can be purchased here:
    Please note the book does NOT come with a CD or DVD.

  3. Thanks for your attention.
    My Iphone Ios is the latest 5.01., In Fact, I don´t want to bother you about this tech end issue, I know it isn´t your fault, it should be a problem with the epub file. I only keep in contact with, you the author, because I think you could contact the publisher and tell him about the problem. maybe some revision could fix the problem.
    Believe me it is my first e-book and it came with problems, hahahah.I feel Very frustrated about that. I´m from Brazil, I´m a self tahgut in cg and I have a large gap in this topic. I became very excited when I found your book, and I could look some sample pages at amazon I´m sure it will help me with my 2d and 3d art. I choose digital version only because I didn´t want wait. bad choice. hahahah. But ok. I will get the HARD copy from amazon and I expect learn a lot from it.

  4. I'll keep an eye out and if it is a common problem I'll pass along word to the publisher. Can't have a broken ebook for "iStuff" floating around out there! The other ebook from Barnes and Noble seems problem-free, if you want to give it a try. Great work being self-taught, that takes alot of motivation.
    You may find this digital lighting forum useful:
    The idea is that it is an online community, for digital lighters to post works in progress and get feedback from other artists, regardless of software. Also post questions and answers, share tips, and other info. Right now the forum has just been started but the more people who join and use it, the better it will be as a resource. Best of luck! ~ Virginia